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Single Token Pool

MonoX Protocol uses one liquidity pool and groups deposited tokens into a virtual pair with the vUSD stablecoin. 


Liquidity Pool Pairs

Create capital inefficiencies

  • Capital Intensive

    Liquidity Providers have to deposit multiple tokens to the pool.

  • Capital Expensive

    Trades often consist of multiple swaps between different pools, and each swap has an associated fee.

  • Siloed Capital

    Liquidity pairs design results in siloed capital; there is no need for liquidity locked in multiple pairs.

Welcome to the next generation of DeFi liquidity

Liquidity Pools are single now 😎

  • Hughflood2

    DeFi with greater capital efficiency

    • Lower trading fees
    • As a project - launch new tokens with zero capital
    • Less capital required to be a Liquidity Provider
    • Less siloed capital in multiple pool pairs
  • Hughflood3

    A new kind of stablecoin

    • vUSD powers the protocol
    • Robust and capital-efficient  
    • Backed by all assets in our pool
    • Programmatically guaranteed to have no slippage and always peg to USD at 1:1

MonoX Protocol

Single token liquidity pools provides users with superior DeFi products and services 💪

  • Swapping (AMM)

    Exchanging Token A with Token B always works by swapping Token A to vUSD and then from vUSD to Token B.

  • Lending & Borrowing

    Optimizes process as no need to withdraw/reserve two tokens to keep the ratio the same.

  • Derivatives

    Can create options and futures markets using single token pool design.

  • Lower Trading fees

    No more swapping between multiple pools, and each swap having an associated fee.

  • Less Capital Required

    Liquidity Providers only have to deposit one token to the pool. Projects launching a token do not need to provide extra liquidity for the pair. 

  • Less Capital siloed

    No need for multiple pool pairs that lock capital away from the rest of the DeFi ecosystem.  


This is our team. We work very hard to provide awesome DeFi products for you 🌍